December 7th, 2011

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divided we fall

Hm, today hasn't turned out so good. Tripped up and fell on the way out of the house and now I have a sore back and a broken guitar. This is not my concert guitar, only my teaching one, but still an expensive thing to break, we'll see how much the repair will be. I'd paid around £500 for it a few months back. I myself don't think I have anything broken but do have a sore back now -already had a mild back ache and it is now properly painful. On top of that it is very very quiet here at school, some pupils not turning up -it'd be better to be busy.

I already phoned the people I bought the guitar from and may have found a repairer for it.

At least it is a sunny day now. The rest of the day should be better, back pain notwithstanding.

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