December 12th, 2011


Another week-end...

Week end was quite good. On Friday I missed the gig at Nambucca but on going to Departure I ran into old Italian friends (they're not old, just friends of mine for a long time, mkay?) Marianna & Marco, as well as other lovely people. Saturday saw the inaugural gig of the Memepunks, djpsyche, hughe, Ed and Red's Sunday bash band. This was a whole lot of fun and they did very well, I enjoyed it a lot. Tried to go to Big Red after to say happy birthday to Jack 'El Señor' but had forgotten about their 'no reentry without stamp after 11' rule. Might as well have gone to Reptile.

Sunday came with lessons, but also return of the back ache and car playing up so we will forget about Sunday, shall we. I was busy teaching and worrying about whether the car would actually bring me back home (I do this, worrying is one of the things I do well...) and seeing all the tweets of friends going to see Front 242.

Apart from the fall and its aftermath and the car thing, though, the week has brought new pupil, new and new old friends and a couple of very fun times with friends, so the balance is overall very positive, methinks.