April 16th, 2012


another monday comes along

A very good week-end in several senses. A couple of new pupils starting lessons, a couple of friends' birthday celebrations, including that of battlekitty at the Memepunks' gig, which was a lot of fun. On Friday had been to Departure which was unusually busy and lively. Yesterday went to Raf's birthday at Aces and Eights in Tufnell Park. Most of the constituency was our lot, if it is that empty otherwise on Sundays it would be ripe for a New Dev type-takeover. I quite liked the place -had not been there ever, even though it is so close to where I live.

This week I go back to school. We'll see how that goes, I so quickly get used to getting up at 9 instead of 5:30 am. Ok, I have to get up very early only three times a week, but that's three times more than I like. On the other hand, it's work and in these times, etc..

(no subject)

As you may know, I keep a couple of flyers about guitar lessons on the windows of the car. Every now and then I get stopped by somebody asking me, "How much?" and getting a bit confused when I reply "£34 an hour". Then I point at the flyer, that reads in enormous big fat black letters "GUITAR LESSONS'. They look more confused and I have to tell them I'm offering guitar lessons, not selling the car.

Tonight I had a phone call. "How much the car..?" "Beg your pardon?", "How much you selling the car, mate?" "I'm not selling any car. Are you sure you got the right number?", "But the paper on the window..."