June 25th, 2012

mornington crescent

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The week-end didn't quite go as planned. Never made it to Shenanigans, let alone to Invocation. Had been feeling a bit unwell for a good part of the week and, after the picnic, wasn't feeling too great still so thought that,m given that it was more important to keep my teaching commitments for the Sunday, I better gave up on the clubbing -and the spending half the night on night buses (four, from New Cross to Kentish Town according to TFL).

Sunday was productive. All the scheduled lessons took place with no cancellations and I was feeling 'almost' normal, so I do feel I'd made the right decision the night before.

Reading a bunch of books by Ian M Banks. Entertaining, but I still rank 'Anathem' (but not other N Stepheson books) way above. A bit predictable, the characters seem to come out of the same few stereotypes.