July 4th, 2012


another morning in the life

Sometimes it is difficult to wake up. The alarm shouts at you that you have to make yourself ready and available for the outside world, while that other world in which you've spent the night and which at least for that minute makes so much more sense, still calls you, holds you. Still, has to be done so toothbrush, coffee, the small morning routines that you get trough more or less in auto-pilot; leave the house and immerse yourself in the grey and the drizzle, walk in theTube station in time to see the sign warning that there is a widespread signal failure in the system. This is going to be a fun day, then. And the world of sleep and dreams stops making sense and unravels as you walk along the platform but still calls you, pulls at you with such power.

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and the river of green slides unseen beneath the trees....

Today was the last 5:30 am rise for a couple of months. That is a good thing. That scary birthday next week... I don't normally feel old -although there is the fact that whilst I can dance all night I can no longer easily climb steps- but I do at 5:30 am when fumbling around trying to wake up, breaking things and tripping over things as my brain just doesn't function at such times.

This is going to be a lean summer and I cannot see that I may be going to many festivals. Already missed DV8, etc. May try a last minute dash for Infest but we'll see, depends on so many known unknowns, etc. At least I'll have time to practise the guitar. Thinking that,since nobody is going to hire me to play concerts, may organise myself a couple of small ones in the autumn if I feel happy with the programme I'm preparing at the moment.