July 30th, 2012


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A reasonable week-end, if one without any clubbing or dancing. On Saturday met deathboy , arkady, tar0r and a few other peeps at the Dev for the celebration -or 'Fiasco', as Scott put it- of the 10 years of Deathboy the band. A very good evening.

The whole Olympic fever has passed me by, as those things often do. Leaving me with the feeling that either the rest of the world is slightly deranged or that I am. And, at the same time, that I'm kind of missing out on something that I just don't get. Lots of things to do, so not like I've been sitting there contemplating the pointlessness of it all. That's for school-term time.

(no subject)

Busy busy day in my livejournal's friends' page, busiest for a couple of years. Quite a few peeps (some who I hadn't seen here for quite a while) had something to say today -and all of it interesting to read (interesting for me to read, maybe I should say -can't speak for anybody else!).

There also were a couple of posts in uk.people.gothic! Is it 2002 again, perchance?