August 23rd, 2012

flav has  left the chat


Enjoying too much the being able to get up late. Going back to the early starts three times a week during term time is going to hurt. Of course, I'll live!

It's been a quiet few days. Well, Monday was quite busy with lessons, for once. On Tuesday went for a stroll in Hampstead Heath with lovelybug; nothing that exciting perhaps, just a walk around the park and sitting at the benches and eat grapes and cherries while contemplating the London skyline in the distance, the trees and the ponds a little closer, the houses of the rich in between. Still, a lovely afternoon!

Still reading the 'Hunger Games' trilogy, absorbed in that world. A rather very grim world, but a good read. Thanks again robot_mel for this.

Right, stuff to do... better get on with it...

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