September 1st, 2012


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Didn't stay long at 'Dead & Buried' last night -when I checked the TFL site and saw that I could take one bus at 12:21 and be home at 1:00 am, or at any time after that change three night buses and take nigh on two hours to make it home .. so I opted for the former. Good night while I was there, though.

I liked 'Partly Faithful''s performance quite a lot (this is mister_ed's band, which I hadn't seen play thus far). I'll be checking them out more often.
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splish splash

Just spent an hour and a half at the loathed gym. Which was a bit loathsome, but it's good for me, &cc &cc... the swimming pool was lovely, though -and empty! just a couple of people for all five double-lanes! Managed only eight (or was it ten?) lengths -could have stayed longer, actually, but had said to na11e1y I would be calling to collect a little bit of their home produce -their garden is producing more pumpkins and marrows, etc than they can cope with! envy!