September 9th, 2012

slippery when wet

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This is going to be rather a quiet Sunday at home -I fell over on the street yesterday on my way to a lesson, twisting my ankle. I don't think I did anything really serious as it seems to be getting better rather quickly (much less swollen and doesn't hurt now unless I make sudden or awkward movements) but had to cancel my lessons for today -tomorrow lessons are very much in doubt as I can only walk with little penguin steps. Disaster if it lasts more than a day or two but, as I said, it does seem to be getting better (applying an anti-inflammatory cream and doses of ibuprofen, etc -no ice, though).

Made me think it might be a good idea at some point to do a first aid course, so that I do not cut an ineffectual figure like that guy who saw me fall and was standing by me as I was unsuccessfully trying to pick myself up, asking me 'Are you alright?' all the time but at the same time keeping well clear of me, while I replied I didn't know whether I was all right, I was in pain and I thought I was in shock and could he please stop asking me that. To which he would reply 'ok, ok... but _are_ you ok?..'