September 11th, 2012

flav has  left the chat

foot in it

Foot getting better, or I'm getting better at the tiny penguin steps. Still black and purple. Will not be posting pictures, for which you should probably be grateful, it's not exactly life threatening (a very minor blip in the flavworld, I suppose) but it's not a pretty sight.

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Second instance of an odd crash in my iMac (2008, C2D, 6GB RAM, ML) where the whole GUI freezes, including the clock but not the mouse pointer which still responds. Yeah, if you were going to suggest bad memory that's what I thought the first time (and with the other wake-from-sleep crashes that turned out to be a well documented something else) but I can ssh into the machine, can mount file shares from another mac and copy and move things around so I don't think it's bad memory as it is not a complete and 'proper' freeze. Any ideas?