September 16th, 2012



Boat party last night was very good, thanks Mr ravenstoker! I must have been to nearly every one of Thunder's 'Wrecked' goth boat parties and I still look up in wonder at the London cityscape slowly gliding past in the night.

Today was a bit strange. Foot was sore again, which is not strange, considering last night. One of my pupils didn't turn up. Another, a visit pupil, was ill in bed when I called so no lesson -an hour of walking around Hampstead Southern Green, eating ice-cream, putting guitar lesson ads in newsagents.

Tomorrow.. fairly busy. Tuesday is my first day of term -getting up at 5:30 am is going to hurt! Still. As always, in my line of things, in which you hardly ever have a 'job', better to have work you can complain about than no work.