September 25th, 2012



Kept waking up through the night, trying to remind myself of those studies according which this is perfectly normal and we're supposed to sleep in three hour stretches or something. Supposed by whom, I don't know. If I contemplate this I have a vision of primitive flavio waking up up his tree or in his cave and listening for the many scary noises of the jungle night, the noises that mean I could end up as something's early breakfast. Andi how could I possibly sleep after that thought. As I slowly fall asleep and begin to see little pinwheels of points of light then I think of entropy, the big cartwheel of the universe burning itself towards oblivion. That definitely wakes me up. It looks like I won't get much sleep tonight, then. In any case, I have to get up at 5:30, that is, resist the urge to look at the clock, that won't make things any better!

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