October 29th, 2012

pumpkin halloween lantern

week-end again..

A good week-end, if a relatively quiet one. Went to purplegril's birthday party in some venue near Rotherhite -party was lovely, Halloween themed including a piñata, people carving pumpkins and a bouncing castle that meteorological conditions made it perhaps unwise to use, although there were two brave souls who did (namely _pinkdaisy_ and miss_corinne) . People were going to to all sorts of things afterwards but I was tired by then and thinking of the lessons the day after so went home relatively early. Is this a preview of what my future life is going to be like as I get older? shudder..

There'll be pictures at some point. Took way too many pictures (over 500) and it will be a while to sort them out and whittle them down to a reasonable number -just possibly.