November 29th, 2012

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Sudden wake up -had a pupil booked for 11, was planning on sleeping till 10 to try and make up for the lost sleep of the previous three days -but my pupil thought the lesson was booked for 10. Eek. Running around like mad first thing is not my favourite.

The pupil in question is a Catalan guy so we do the lesson in Spanish... the only problem with that is that, having been in this island teaching the guitar for 25 years, all my support material is in English and I find myself talking in Spanish but taking notes in English. And my brain seems to work differently in each language, peculiar complex things that brains are and, worse, I sometimes have to try hard to remember certain words and even technical terms in my own native language. Been here too long, I s'pose.

Now I need more coffee and try and wake up properly...

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