January 18th, 2013

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there is a cat in the building.He (or is it a she?) looks lost and pleading but smells nice, of having an owner that bathes her (ok, I think it's a she) but she wanders around this building with a myriad doors she cannot open and she could find herself outside of the building itself and on a main road. A neighbour (a lady with a wrap-around dressing style that suggests Muslim conservative) has told me she's phoned the RSPCA but nothing's happened so far. The cat clearly (seems to me) has an owner but he/she's been wandering around the building for a couple of days, maybe locked out of her flat. What to do.. I left her a blanket on my stairway landing and some salami, the only thing I could think of. And will wait for whatever the RSPCA may do...