February 21st, 2013


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Hmm... what did I buy into? Krisztina pointed me to this blog:


where shared-ownership flat leaseholders have something to say (and it is not good) about A2Dominion, the housing association I bought half of my flat from and whose service charges keep creeping up and up disproportionately -one more little thing about this place, on top of the upstairs-downstairs segregation built into it between housing association leaseholders and full owners, their arrangements with the most incompetent electricity/gas supplier in the market, the security issues that led to five burglaries in three weeks last summer.

And, checking my contract of lease, once you strip out the legalese jargon, etc, what is left boils down to: rights of the landlord: pretty much anything they want. Rights of the leaseholder: not much at all. Still a better situation than what I had before buying this flat but not fantastic.