April 29th, 2013


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A good week-end, overall, apart from a slightly misjudged trip to Ikea on a Sunday afternoon. You could say that _any_ trip to Ikea is a slight misjudgment but particularly on a Sunday afternoon. This came about as I needed a few things from there and had a couple of cancelled lessons.

Dead and Buried on Friday was good fun as always. Funny that I enjoy it so much when I'm not really into deathrock. Still, it was.

Today I have a doctor's appointment for them to fix a device to monitor my blood pressure for 24 hr. I have visions of having to walk around with some inflatable contraption strangling my arm, plugged into a 1980's computer on a trolley, powered by a car battery, or something like that. I'm sure it'll be slightly less cumbersome than that. Slightly.

I will need to get rid of enormous, mega-heavy sofa-bed. Any ideas, before I call the council or something? Might try to sell it first, there's nothing wrong with it.