August 12th, 2013


a lazy sunday afternoon

Yesterday was a lovely day in unexpected ways. Went out for a walk in the South Bank and found there is a cute little market behind the Festival Hall and a Bean about Town (the guys that do the coffee stall here at KTR) van there, with the two attendants being people I know -and then ran into three semi-goth friends who then went to BaT and bought coffee. I had one too but the attendant wouldn't take my money, 'it's on the house'. Sweet of them. Then we wandered about the market and ran into a Meantime Brewery stall, commented on how addicted I was to their Chocolate Porter and he said 'wait', went to the fridge, produced a bottle of Ch Porter which, he said, had just been opened by accident and promptly offered it to me. So, happy chance encounters, free coffee and free beer! And later a nice stroll around the South Bank with my friends. A lovely afternoon.