August 13th, 2013


ebb and flow

Funny old livejournal -or at least my f-page, which of course I do not know whether representative of LJ in general or not.

In the last couple of weeks there had been a lot of posts, including a flurry of 'is anybody still here' ones from people who'd been away and, for various reasons, came back at least that one time. And then.... nothing much for the last couple of days; two posts yesterday apart from my own (and my alter ego, flavio_matani). And one was from grrm promoting his new cinema. Quiet quiet indeed. Not quite as dead as, mind. DW just came too late to the game, when people were worried about the Russian owners of LJ but were already moving tent to Facebook. Or maybe I just haven't found the right people over there?

One little thing about terminology of these things: I much prefer the Twitter use, 'following' rather than 'befriending', which invests it with connotations that make it harder when people (especially people you know) ignore you or don't 'befriend' you back. By 'you' I mean of course 'me..'.