December 22nd, 2013


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Beginning to watch 'Falling Skies' (yes, it takes me a while to catch up with these things). So far it's ok but feels rather a lot like a cross between BSG's New Caprica (with much uglier Cylons borrowed from District 9) and Walking Dead. Maybe, like Neal Stephenson, I'm getting a little tired of apocalyptic fiction at this point. Science-fiction used to look forward to better. Iain M Banks still did and Charlie Stross still does.. (and I'm still looking forward to the sequel of Chris Beckett's 'Dark Eden..')

Still watching bits of 'Blakes 7'. And, mostly and mostly in the background while I do other things, bits of BBC4 where cute little critters struggle for three quarters of an hour to end up getting eaten by something large and horrible, while Attenborough narrates the whole thing with that soothing voice of his.