March 11th, 2014

dreamscape sepia

sleep sleep perchance to dream

Getting up at 5:20 am does not get any easier. I feel the pull of the dreams I didn't have because I needed to sleep four more hours... stagger to initiate the morning routine, slightly altered today which has its risks -I can't think straight early in the morning so have to prepare things I'll need beforehand and give myself a regular routine for those three days a week I have to wake up early. What did I dream? I thought I would remember, it was so vivid and powerful and now it's all gone, I only have that vague feeling of it having been vivid and powerful. Toothbrush, coffee. Ah, another variant today: burnt the toast. To cinders, I left the flat worried that the smoke alarm might set off after I left. I find the world strange this early. The world is, supposedly, mostly made of nothing, of empty space between tiny things electrically charged. It feels that way today.