April 14th, 2014


YA another week-end in the life...

Week-end was rather more full of things than I'd anticipated. Not very much in the way of lessons, which were or had been nearly all cancelled. Friday I spent a chunk of feeding branches and bits of tree into a tree shredding machine. That evening, after a couple of lessons, there was Dead & Buried. caveynik had asked me to take some footage of Part 1, the band, who were playing at D&B. I did, albeit with limited success due to difficult (ok, practically non-existing) lighting. A good night, though. Saturday brought Laura Bizarrelove (as she is known on FB) party at the Big Red followed by the 6th anniversary Reptile. Sunday started very late and very little happened, as was almost inevitable after the previous two days, apart from walk to Hampstead Heath and about two hours of very much needed guitar practice at a park bench on a glorious spring Sunday, with people mostly ignoring you (which was ok by me, repeating the same bar of music many many times to get it right, etc) apart from little girl part of a family walking past, who turned around as I was playing and beamed and smiled and said 'Wow...'. That made my day, I hope I may have lit a spark of wanting to play the guitar there.

Today brought gym, a walk around the town centre that ended in an unexpectedly nice light lunch at Kamps bakers on Tottemham Ct Rd and after that some more guitar practice. Not a bad week-end (including Monday, since I didn't have to get up early to go to school..)