May 22nd, 2014

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2006 and all that

Interesting thing to see, the flock returning (however briefly it may be) to Livejournal today. I never left, be it that I only post a couple of times a week. And a few people never left; there is always something to read in my flist page, although these days I don't have to scroll for page after page to catch up with everybody.

Funny thing is, for me, that I always go on about how FB stimulates a kind of shallow, superficial way of communication, but I never really go deep into what I think or feel there or here; most certainly won't post very personal stuff in a public space on the internet. That sort of thing often comes back to bite you. Facebook is a very useful tool, also, mostly with the event system and the photo tagging. And yet it is true: you can go at more length here and feel you're having a conversation in a way that FB doesn't quite.

It was good to see those old faces (oh, ok; I'm twenty years older than the oldest of those faces, but never mind) around here today, while I was rushing around or practising scales or in brief spaces between lessons -oh, look, I hadn't seem him/her here for at least five years. Never mind that I see them on FB or twitter nearly every day (except in the two cases of people who still keep me in their friends list here but have defacebooked me). It kind of isn't the same. Hello, welcome back, however briefly.
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Today should be a quieter day than yesterday. Not a lot to do apart from YES, GO AND VOTE and fetch a guitar being repaired at Juan T's shop in Duke St. Tonight, my pupils (my adult pupils, that is) meet again to play together at the Rustique Café.

So, time for guitar practice and finish reading The Throne of the Crescent Moon and perhaps get started with re-reading Consider Phlebas for the next bibliogoth meet....


Another meeting of my pupils at the Café Rustique. Five of them turned up, which was more or less what I expected, I proposed a couple of new pieces, quite conventional perhaps (two dances by Pretorius, etc) but lovely music and that can be played without weeks of rehearsals -and where it doesn't matter whether they drop a note or two. The garden of Rustique is a lovely place for this.. at least while it is not raining and you have to grab guitars, cases, music and gear and make it for the inside of the café....

Some pictures taken as they were arriving (only three of them present at that point) here: