May 25th, 2014

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the horrid glory of its wings

A reflection by matociquala, the fantastically talented SF writer Elizabeth Bear, after the shootings by that guy who, if he couldn't have the girls, he would just kill them:

Makes you think. Makes _me_ think, at any rate. Have I been that low-level predatory male? Not certainly, I hope, in the terms she puts it there, but probably in attitude, when I was young. There may be as much nature as nurture in those attitudes but that cannot be a justification; hey, civilisation should be about becoming better beings and rise above things like base animal urges. It often looks, however, as though civilisation is just a very thin veneer above the monkey, reptile or fish that we may once have been. I do believe in progress and it must be better now than fifty or five hundred or five thousand years ago, but it often looks so very slow.