October 3rd, 2014


Still here...

Earlier post by friend in FB reminded me. Yes, Livejournal still is here, still works, not as busy but you don't see the sort of filler (memes and quizzes of the "which superhero/film star/small furry animal are you" kind, etc) and 'inspirational' posts that you used to, as it all has moved to FB. We won't talk about Ello.

And I'm still here on livejournal, so I suppose it couldn't all be perfect, but hey :)
flav has  left the chat

a friday in the life...

One lesson done, only one more to go today.

Getting some spam from Ticketmasters -apparently Nick Cave is going to be playing at the RAH in May. Mmmm... didn't check how much it costs but might be interested.

Ello is stil there, too, but so far the limited set of features and the slightly baffling (and, I think, buggy) interface hasn't given me much encouragement.

Tonight, no Inferno, no Dead and Buried. Don't really fancy Synth Cult at the Fox. Is there anything else interesting of that sort going on?

Anything else? Not a lot. Got myself a Pebble with some money I had been squirrelling away in a pre-pay card that I keep for the purpose, precisely, of 'ooh, I have a hundred quid in that account, I can buy myself a toy'. Haven't done much with it and may well end up selling it (when the Apple Watch v2 comes out, though) but one thing: it is much lighter than my old watch, doesn't bother me to play the guitar with it on.