October 30th, 2014

thedaytheearthstoodstill, klaatu

netflix, amazon prime...

I've been taking a trial month of Netflix and then of Amazon Prime. The choice in Netflix seems to be rather limited but not being tied to a yearly plan but rolling month by month is a little more attractive to me than paying yearly lump sums. We'll see what I decide in the end, if anything. I've been told that there are hacks to gain access to the US Netflix which apparently has much more choice but haven't looked into that yet.

Science-fiction choices seem to be particularly scarce and a little disappointing. On Netflix -little and old. I've watched Iron Sky (finally; a lot of fun), Tron Legacy (but I never saw the original.. and they don't seem to have it either), the two Hobbit movies (ok, that's not SF), a couple of other things. I'm not really interested in sit-coms or rom-coms or Scandinavian detective dramas at this point and that would seem to be the bulk of the choice. Most of what I've done so far in Netflix has been to run nature and space documentaries (but there aren't that many of the latter) while I practise my scales on the guitar. I also watched 'Prometheus' and a couple of other things on Prime, including the first few episodes of 'Vikings' a series about which I knew nothing but quite liked thus far, with some reservations.

Last night, watching 'Event Horizon' on Netflix . Beginning to get confused between this and Prometheus! Those pesky aliens.. coming here to this planet to take our jobs and our movies. And I was kind of expecting the rather younger Morpheus to start offering blue and red pills to his personnel.

I'm still not entirely convinced about either, slightly in favour of Prime currently....