December 21st, 2014

zBSG raider

in the last few days

Hm, yes, well... what have I done in the last few days? Mmm... done a few guitar lessons, had an adult pupil do a grade 4 that he thought he was going to fail and instead got a Merit. Attended the bibliogoth meeting last Sunday to discuss China Meiville's 'Embassytown', discussion to which I had less to contribute than I would have thought -had forgotten half the book and had been reading another science-fiction book with a female protagonist which didn't help. Finished reading Amanda Palmer's 'The Art of Asking' (and liked it a lot). Went to the Bleak Christmas at the Roch in Stoke Newington, where I caught up with people (good to see squirmelia and deathboy and thanks again to chris_damage, andyknifton and suicideally for everything), had a Wetherspoon's Christmas dinner like every year (with burnt pigs-on-blankets and cardboard turkey as is traditional there but never mind, that wasn't the point), then on Saturday went to lovelybug and ciphergoth's Christmas Gathering, which was an excellent party and somehow ended up at the Slimelight. Arrived with people from the party but they quickly disappeared, as they were doing their own thing (cough). Had a little dance, caught up with some more people and finally left at 3:30, spending the journey back on the 214 talking to maragotika four thousand miles away on Skype. She couldn't believe how noisy and raucous the night bus was. People out there seem to have kind of the wrong idea about the English.

Today was a whole lot quieter, with a lesson in the morning and a few errands and shopping done, a little reading and a lot of vegetating -staying out late seems to be taking it out of me much more than before...

Also, I've been watching again the mini-series of Battlestar Galactica. It gets better with every re-watching (and so does Mary...:D ...) , even though you don't get the forewarnings or forebodings of what's going to happen that you get in Babylon 5 (mostly because they were making it up along the way). I'll blame scifi_mel for that :)