January 31st, 2015


various things on a Saturday

A few things happening today, including triple-booking myself for tonight (amongst these, tar0r's birthday, Gliteratti and another birthday). Not sure whether I'll be going to any of those; bit low in energy still. I am, OTOH, going to a friend's birthday dinner at Arepa & Co., the only Venezuelan restaurant in London (actually, not entirely true as there also is Mi Cocina Es Tuya, in Crystal Palace but that is more of a local café, although still very good). Haven't been and have known the owner for many years, so it will be interesting to check the place out.

Apart from this, lessons, with some of the pupils (or, in this case, the parents) making me jump through hoops with changes of days and times. If I can, I will comply -I need the work; but I do feel that they sometimes don't realise how much inconvenience they can put you through.

Tomorrow, bibliogoth meeting and more lessons....

It's good to be rid of the bug. Feeling almost alive -except when I watch the news and I get that sense of impending doom....