July 21st, 2015


of birthdays, concerts and sorry-I-couldn't-make-it stories

Last week end was rather long. It could have started on Tuesday, Bastille Day which also happens to be my birthday. After last year's fiasco (when I found myself alone in the company of kruku in the middle of a sea of tables reserved for us in a pub in Holborn) I didn't feel like putting myself through a birthday celebration this year. So I didn't. I'd said to people that I'd share a birthday drink with whoever came to the garden concert I was playing on Thursday. In the event, I had less than half the numbers of people I was anticipating (and that still counting on about half the people who tell you they're going to come actually will -with a lower proportion on Facebook). The concert went well, people liked what I played and I found myself later at Aces & Eights in the good company of ravenstoker, augeas, kekhmet and one or two other people. A couple of pints, a pizza and some good conversation.

On Friday I went to a football pub ... no, wait, went there to see djpsyche's band the Memepunks doing their usual fun covers and mash-ups, with deathboy doing an excellent opening set (we'll have to talk about his remarkable guitar technique:) and aliasrob doing a short but sweet stand-up comedy set. After this I went to Aces and Eights.. again, to join the goths at the New Dusk and dance a little bit. On Saturday, finally, I had some birthday cake at Reptile, as well as perhaps one or two pints more and a little bit of dancing and talking rubbish catching up with peeps. So it would seem like I did get a little bit of birthday celebration after all.

We'll see whether next year my birthday-twin lovelybug and I can get it together to make a joint celebration. We'll see.