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Echoes of Flavio's Ghost Dreaming
This is the set book for the next meeting of bibliogoth.

I really disliked the basic premise of the book when I started it and thought it'd be a hard slug. It was, for a bit. At some point it started to grab me. I'm at the half-way point in the book and completely transfixed with it. It is not perfect and it did take me a lot of effort to get going with it, but at the point I am, it is just beautiful.

It is not science-fiction, really, although I suppose if you have to put it into categories that's where it would go. The characterisation is ... not subtle, to say the least, the plot thus far has perhaps too many 'not this, you've got to be kidding' moments, the general feel, at least for me, is of a comic book in words instead of pictures -and yet. Any details would contain spoilers, mind, so perhaps none.

Thus far, enjoying it enormously. We'll see how it ends.


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