July 5th, 2016


red beach

Ah, an excellent week-end. Dead & Buried on Friday was just what I needed, much dancing and catching up with friends. It was also the first time I left the house without wearing the splint on my wrist, which must be a good sign (except it has been hurting in the background almost all the time for a few days now).

Saturday: I couldn't attend the March for Europe -I never can go to those things, Saturdays are busy times for a self employed music teacher.. So, instead, I did my lessons and went to Seph's birthday party which was a blast. Came back in a taxi (ouch) at 4:00 am. Again there was a wheel of fortune with rather interesting penalties and I got away very lightly, just having to give a drink to Jennie. The other possibilities included giving somebody 100 lashes, something called 'motorboating' which I will most definitely not explain here, lap-dance for somebody else, kiss another guy in the mouth, &cc. Sunday was a bit quieter. Bibliogoth got cancelled as pretty much nobody was able to attend. Can't see a meeting taking place in August, but we'll see. The book for this month was 'Vermillion Sands' by J G Ballard, which I liked even though the stories, I felt, weren't particularly strong and the characterisation was almost non-existent, but it was a lovely world to visit.
dreamscape sepia

the dreams that dream me, part 2343 of many

Today I've found out just now that I can get ready, showered, caffeinated and out of the flat in twenty minutes. I hope I don't have to do that again in a long, long time. Couldn't sleep last night and, maybe as a consequence, slept through several alarms this morning. Hope I don't have to do that again for at least a long, long time.
plague doctor

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One thing I still miss on FB is the ability on Livejournal to post a different user pic for each post. Worse, if I repost an LJ entry to FB it loses that user pic. Oh well. I kind of still prefer LJ, even though FB is sort of more useful these days.

BTW, in case you just landed here:

You could also check out my Soundcloud pages -I have two, one with some little examples of my classical guitar playing, like this Prelude by Ponce. Nobody ever follows internet links unless they are Dailymash ones, but there you go. You could have a listen. I also have another SoundCloud page there with more electronic/experimental/electric guitar doodling. Do go have a look.