August 9th, 2016



It would seem that Tsû, that other would-be Facebook killer, has bitten the dust. It is a pity, as it would be healthy if FB had at least some competition. At present only G+ has some sort of momentum but not remotely in any way that could replace or substitute for Facebook. 'Ello' is still there -but only just about. Everybody rushed to join when it came out but it quickly went very quiet. Is Diaspora still around?

There are many angles to this, but it boils down to one thing: your mum isn't on it, your cousin in Santiago or in Hong Kong isn't on it, your friends' party isn't on it and they all are on FB. This makes it very difficult to get an alternative going. It would be healthy if there was one, but it looks quite, quite difficult.

Yes, Livejournal is here and, if you're reading this, it means you are here and, probably some of your friends -but not all, certainly not your mum in Santiago or your cousin in Hong Kong -and that friends' party is not here either. It is not ever going to be a Facebook killer, although I do believe it has a role to play -but a different one.