October 28th, 2016

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the shards

Broken glass goes absolutely everywhere. Came back home two evenings ago to find the oven door's outer glass had shattered. I had used it earlier in the day but it was off, it was cold. Finding that you can find another built-in oven for the same money it costs to buy the replacement glass -how is this even possible? (thinking of printers, etc where that seems to be part of the business model). Also, the replacement glass costs more than my car's windscreen, which is the same sort of glass but bigger and curved. Non capisco. I can't spare the money at this moment anyway, probably not before I make sure I have money for the tax bill in January... in the meantime, after much vacuuming I still find bits of broken glass everywhere. Especially under my foot in the morning when I'm walking around in socks...