November 1st, 2016


some of the pieces don't fit

Didn't do very much on the Hallowe'en weekend, apart from doing lessons, pottering around the house and practising guitar. Wrist, incredibly, still hurts but at least I can play. Thinking I might do one or two half-recitals in the beginning of the year. Not sure I am up to the amount of practice I would need for a proper concert but I think I can manage a short one.

I did go to Dead and Buried, the Halloween party, this time in the tiny Whisperz Bar in.. wherever that is in North London. Danced, caught up with peeps and took pictures. A good night, all in all.

Keeps happening that I find myself under some sort of minor threat -some enormous bill, most often, a sudden drop of income, a large unexpected expense- and I find myself for a few days or weeks paddling as hard as I can just to stay above the water. Not sure what the solution for this might be, short of letting it all go and go live inn a cave somewhere. This far into this game, it's not the case that I'll suddenly find a way to make a lot more money or anything like that. Putting 'donate' buttons on my guitar page or starting a Patreon page are not going to do much other than becoming another plant pot that needs to be watered and cared for. Next thing will be the tax bill. I haven't been able to save for it, for several reasons, so I'll now have a couple of months of trepidation trying to get that money together. So, if I miss your party or anything like that, you now know why. The new school would have been handy in that respect, as a term's lessons there would have paid my tax bill but, alas, it's been an endless game of tag with them with one new bit of red tape that has to be sorted out and delays my start one more week or two. Patience.