April 19th, 2018


Sun, sun, sun, here it comes

Our nearest star is manifesting itself today. Liking it so far, although any warmer than this I will find unpleasant.

Some of my plans for today have gone to pot. A couple of lessons later, then Tufguitar at the Rustique café (the monthly meeting of some of my guitar pupils to play together). That's it, I think. Too hot to go to the gym, too hot (as for now; I'd quickly get used to it if it lasts) to take a guitar and practise in the park.

Doing a little local recital (at the Kentish Town City Farm) on the 21st of June. No other gigs planned. Need to find a few more little local venues where I can do that sort of thing, a local guitar concert that is not too big but where I can play a decent programme.

Ooh, it's sunny and warm. Liking it. So far.

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