May 1st, 2018

whitby gull

blue skies over kentish town

Ah, a sunny morning at last. Funny how my mood changes up or down with the weather. In the beginning when I first came to the UK I used to laugh at the 10 min long (as I saw them) weather forecasts on TV. Coming from a part on the north of South America on the Caribbean (but away from Hurricane Alley) our weather forecasts told you it was going to be sunny or it was going to rain... and that was pretty much it.

Here the weather is more variable and there is a winter (although my friends from Russia or Canada might dispute this), with long periods of short days with grey skies and not seeing the sun for weeks on end. This affects me far more than the cold. After our little mini-summer of a week or two ago, yesterday's 4 º C, battleship grey skies and ice-cold rain seemed to make a difficult teaching day so much worse. Today just looking out the window made me feel much better about the day to come.

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