January 19th, 2019

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[ Books ] Redemption Blade, by Adrian Tchaikovsky

Redemption's Blade (After the War, #1)Redemption's Blade by Adrian Tchaikovsky

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

A good romp; enjoyed the adventures of Celestaine and her treading that path between being a hero and being full of doubt -enjoyed it, yes but maybe not enough for me to pursue the series. We'll see. The idea of setting the stage _after_ all the battles have been fought and the main evil character has been killed is a good one and AT mostly carries it off. The characters are not particularly convincing, I found it difficult at times to see them as 'people' rather than devices to push the plot forward. I've read other things by the author which I've found much more compelling reading, although again this was quite a good book.

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