February 12th, 2019


Email of the day...

You get some strange enquiries, when you advertise for music lessons. You get a lot of calls from people who think they can take private music lessons for the price of a coffee. Sometimes it's even of the 'of course, music lessons, wink wink' type, which I find incomprehensible but I suppose it's a big world out there with all sorts of weirdness. More commonly it is scams and spam. Yesterday's one looked ok at first: 'I'm looking for a guitar teacher for my family'. Ok, give me more details... 'Three females (gave me ages between 19 and 24) for a weekly lesson each for 24 weeks'. Ok, that's unusual. Keep going... 'This is a present for them, I would love to meet you but I'm in hospital about to be operated of lung cancer'. Hmmm... something's not quite right here... keep going... 'in your studio, the limo driver will bring them over to you'. Of course he will. Do you also have a few hundred million in a bank account that you need to dispose of?

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