May 1st, 2019


more venezuela

Again the feeling of dread in relation to things happening in Venezuela. Many people there seem to think the gov't is just about to fall -and from here I get the impression that that is very far from happening. And again the feeling that I'm not entirely on either side, although I'm aware that this is a luxury afforded to me by the fact that I am (and have been for so long) so far away. And have been far away for the whole time the situation there was developing.

My sister and her kids went to that demonstration yesterday, which was put down with tear gas and pellets. It could have been worse, the National Guard are a militarised police (like the carabinieri in Italy) and often trigger-happy. My sister got out in time, which was a relief. At age 60 she's not exactly an olympic athlete ready to run rings around the National Guard.

I just hope the whole thing doesn't end in a blood bath... but I cannot see a positive outcome. The division and the hatred run too deep. Hope I'm wrong.

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