May 15th, 2019


This guitar teaching thing, part 203984 of many

Mmm.. it didn't work. I had withdrawn my guitar lessons advert from the local paper as it was no longer working. I had perhaps one enquiry and 0 lessons arising from that advert in the last three years or so. So I removed the advert. This came back to bite me at tax return time, as it was of course tax deductible and the money I'd given to the paper, which I had forgotten about, now I had to find and give to the taxman. I had a perfect storm of this, a couple of unexpected gigantic bills and a general decrease in the number of pupils both private and in (one of) the schools I teach at -but that's a different strand.

Needing more pupils, I decide that, since almost all new pupils I've had in the last two or three years (including the 'other' school) have come via facebook (friends of friends, etc) maybe the way to go was to advertise on FB. I had tried all sorts of other on-line advertising things without success so this seemed to be the way to go.... alas, it hasn't worked at all. Of course there are many possible causes for this but so far the money I've put in that has not brought a single pupil. I've had a couple of new pupils coming from FB but in all cases, again, friends or friends of friends; a notice on my timeline reminding people that I teach guitar and can take people up and beyond grade 8 has worked. Paid advertising has not. Will have to think hard about this, as there are many variables, including how I word and construct the ad, the target demographic I've chosen, etc that can go wrong. Perplexing, though.

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