June 12th, 2019


the house recital thing

Hm, this year has been quite... something. I mean, quite apart from the various shitstorms on the larger picture, for me personally. Still barely paying bills, etc and that doesn't seem to be going to get any better this side of October.

I thought I had three gigs to play this summer and now I seem to have only one. Two have been cancelled for different reasons, one of them has left me with some heart-ache. I need to play so I might try and push again the house-concert idea, but these things seem to happen when they happen -somebody sees me play and they like it and ask me whether I would play for their event or something like that- and when I try to push them they just don't happen.

The idea is relatively simple and it has worked (and I've known of people doing this kind of thing very successfully for a long time): sit some twenty people in chairs in somebody's living room, give them a glass of wine and a guitar concert, charge them twenty quid (or something like that) and give half of the proceeds to a local charity. Everybody wins. But I'm so rubbish at selling the idea... could it work where you are?

I will be posting something about this now and again just in case somebody thinks it a good idea and doable where they are. Alas, I am aware that what I do is very much a minority interest and if everybody wants to hear me play the guitar, pretty much nobody wants to pay for it. And I do have to pay my bills with currency, not guitar playing....

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