July 17th, 2019

anathem, analemma

birthdays, pain-killers, guitar playing....

Well, I didn't have the tooth taken out. It would have put a big dampener on my birthday two days after and probably on other things I needed to be compos mentis (sp?) for. So it still is like that t-shirt doing the rounds on Facebook, of the famed motorcycle gang, the Sons of Arthritis, or rather their Ibuprofen Chapter...

The celebration itself was good, two dozen friends at Aces & Eights; caught up with a few peeps I hadn't seen in a long while and one or two others with whom I seldom have a long conversation with. People kept buying me drinks but I managed to achieve my goal of turning up for my last teaching day of the school year at that 'orrible school with a huge hang-over but still functional.

Preparing for that little concert next week at the Rustique Café. This will be on Thursday the 25th at 7:30 pm. It'd be good if you could make it. More details anon.

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