November 6th, 2019


life of flav, S67 E305

So, the uncertainty with the -ok, I won't mention it; the 'B*' word, continues, exacerbated by the GE coming, it feels like this will never end. Many jokes and memes have been made along those lines but it doesn't feel like a joke.

The changing of the clocks left me quite disconcerted for a few days as

ION, need more pupils; I'm depending too much on the two schools I teach at and not very happy about many things in each of them, need to have the option to walk out if I am really, really unhappy at some point. Can I interest you in guitar lessons? 😎

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swedish chef

no moose were harmed in the making of this.....

And another edition of my ... er, 'famous' Flavpastasauce. Won't give it any name as it would make my Italian friends (real Italians as opposed to myself) twitch and throw rocks at me. It involved garlic, tomatoes, various hot pepper things, quorn mince, the remains of a mushroom pate from Borough Market plus some dried porcini, basil, oregano and a few other things -it was delicious and it will be even better tomorrow.

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