March 26th, 2020

anathem, analemma

lock down ...

Doing my guitar lessons online, and in some cases hitting the wall of the tools for this (Skype, Hangouts, Zoom) being designed for speech not music. In Zoom at least you can tweak the settings so it is a little better. Not all my pupils are taking online lessons, though, some have just paused the lessons which is a little bit of a worry but not as much as the having to wait for what happens in relation to my school teaching. One of the schools might pay for scheduled hours at least for what's left of the term (two weeks). The other one is being much more difficult. I fall between two stools in that on the schools I'm pretty much on zero-hour contract (but they hate it if you call it that) but also have private pupils. So, not sure whether any of the help that seems to be about to come for those categories of workers will apply to me.

Being on my own in a tiny studio flat can get a bit boring. Doing an almost decent amount of guitar practice, reading and the usual Netflix are helping; also finding I'm talking online to my sister and some friends a whole lot more than before. Not crawling up the walls just yet -maybe soon! 😀

The user icon (on DW) is an analemma, an illustration on Neal Stephenson's 'Anathem'. In that book there isn't a plague but there are events that profoundly change the world and its people. We might be at one such moment.

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