June 14th, 2020


Last Friday I think it was...

(I had started to write this a couple of days ago and never posted it, so some references are anachronic -I was writing at the end of the day).

I had many plans for that day after finishing my lessons. Instead, I collapsed on the bed (oh, let’s call it the sofa? mine's a tiny studio flat) and spent an inordinate amount of times playing cards on the iPad and then fell aslee-hm, gave my eyes some rest. There goes the day.

I’ll manage twenty minutes of scales on the guitar if that, now (writing on Sunday: I don't think I did). I have another video to edit… I’ve been putting those little electric guitar doodle videos on Instagram and FB. Even the simplest ones take perhaps fifteen minutes to record, a couple of hours to edit to put the two (or more, on the last one) parts together so flavio and flavio are playing in sync. I’d do it anyway, but it is strange to put those things up on Insta and Facebook and get five or at the most ten likes. Worse on FB: I get more likes there but when I check how many times it’s been seen I find it’s far fewer than the number of likes. So people put a ‘like’ because it’s me and they know me but they don’t bother to actually see it. I suspect that is quite a general phenomenon with FB -many people will like, or dislike, or pass opinion, without having examined whatever is at hand. I'm on Dreamwidth at http://flaviomatani.dreamwidth.org/ -do follow me there if you can.