November 6th, 2020

clark kent

distant echoes

Just waiting to see how the show on the other side of the Atlantic pans out. I obvs. hope that Tr*mp is out of office by the end of this. Being a Latin-American I don't harbour many illusions about how good or beneficial any president of the USA may be to our countries, but if Biden would be a continuation of all that came before, with much evil coming from the 'leaders of the free world', Tr*mp is, I believe, the most dangerous thing happening in the world right now. The world needs him out. I hope this comes to happen now. Climate change, political instability in many parts of the world, the many horrid internal and external issues aggravated by the erratic, egomaniac, volatile style of Tr*mp need a change of course and with the 'other guy' at least there might be a possibility. I'm on Dreamwidth at -do follow me there if you can.
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I had given Ko-Fi a try and opened an account there -Ko-Fi is a crowdfunding site, a bit like Patreon but people can make one-off contributions rather than subscriptions which seemed to me better suited to what I do. The metaphor they use is that of buying the artist a virtual cup of coffee, contributing a couple of quid at a time. Seemed like a good idea. It didn't work. In the beginning I had three people contributing and then nothing ever happened again even though I did try to spread the word.

I'd also joined, a site that claims to unite people wanting a service and people providing it, at the suggestion of a pianist friend who had found that useful in getting piano pupils. After spending something like a hundred and fifty quid in the 'credits' that you have to buy before hand, I haven't got one single pupil from that source (although there is one who _might_ start lessons in the near future, so there is that too). So Bark didn't bite.

Still looking for alternatives... I'm on Dreamwidth at -do follow me there if you can.