Flavio Matani (flavius_m) wrote,
Flavio Matani

Sunday early

Yesterday I seem to have missed various things going on. Couldn't be helped, though; I was meeting silkyfish, dj_gassmann, featheredwings and Jaqui for drinks at Quinn's and lunch at Wagamama's, the last throes of my birthweek celebrations. Then Sarah had to go shopping for wedding stuff and Jaqui wanted to have a browse around Camden Market, so we went. Hm, what's it with women and shopping? Or, put another way, what is it with men and shopping? It is funny how we all repeat the same pattern, the guy's bored look, probably waiting outside, while the girl is happily browsing in the shop, then in the next shop, then...

Later, we went back to Quinn's where we met Sarah and Uwe again, then Craig and untermensch arrived, the latter with fantastic stories about his South American journey and seemingly having acquired quite a passable command of Spanish. Then they all left, Jaqui and I went to the Dev to say happy birthday to ravenstoker and then off to the Slimelight, which was fun, briefly, but was way too hot so we didn't last long.

Now off to lesson.....

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