Flavio Matani (flavius_m) wrote,
Flavio Matani

Apple Mac Powerbook 12 inch for sale

Sorry about the ad.

I'm selling my 12 inch Apple Mac powerbook laptop (given that I now have a Mac Book).

The specs are:
1.33 G4 processor
1.25 GB memory
60 GB hard disk.
Superdrive (writes dvd-r, -rw, +r, +rw)
Tiger 10.4 installed.

It has some cosmetic imperfections -the aluminium casing in these machines seems to bend if you so much as look at it- but the powerbook is perfectly functional. it has Tiger (can give original discs), iLife 06, 1.25 GB memory, 60 GB hard disk, superdrive, AE, BT and two power adapters. Battery life is still very good (it indicates 3:something hours when fully charged -won't give you that, but at least a couple of hours).

I'm asking for £500 ovno.

you can contact me on 07958527692 or flavio_matani@mac.com.

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