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A couple of good whinges, perhaps?

"Hello, it that Mr Matini?","Matani", "Sorry, yes, Matini. I am calling you from XYZ Communications in relation to your BT line, have you thought about ...?"

grrr.. you are the tenth or so today, please please go away..... [ Edit ] I had yet one more spam call of the same sort as soon as I clicked to post this....

Another thing.. Am I allowed to have a good moan about this infernal heat? And don't tell me I should be used to it because I was born in the Tropics. Speaking to a friend in Caracas last week, telling them that it was 36.6 here, they reply "Man, that's horrible; it's 23 degrees here today, 24 tomorrow..." yes, I know, the worse bit is the feeling guilty about moaning about the heat when in six months' time....

OK, that's that out the system. On a entirely different note, the gathering last night in Quinn's was fantastic (apart from kaerasta's water episode with the barman, poor thing). Should happen more often. The gathering, that is, not the arguments with bar staff. Yes, I know most of those present last night are going to Meteor Camp but I cannot do that this time... oh well....
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