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The week-end so far

... busy Saturday. Only a couple of lessons, then Jaqui left to go back to Brighton, some guitar practice (need to put in more time..). In the evening, god_tim's birthday drinks in Quinn's, then Invocation (of which photographs will follow but not before I give them to deinelakaien and ravenstoker), then This Morn'Omina playing at the Slimelight, which was excellent. Just as I was about to leave at about 4:00 am there turned up silkyfish with Sophia...

Today looks to be a more sedate day. Had a leisurely walk to the Market, called in at Resurrection Records to get my ticket for Infest, had breakfast in one of the cafés along Chalk Farm Road and now intend to stay in the rest of the day, write a little, read a little (reading again the 'Short History of Nearly Everything', by Bill Bryson, just to remind myself of our place in the universe...) and practise the guitar a bit; maybe a visit to the Dev in the evening.
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